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Share your expertise

We love to have new projects! If you have a project or technique that you think readers would enjoy, then please share your expertise with our readers. You will primarily be expected to provide step-by-step photographs and text so that readers can read and envision the process more completely. We have no length requirement, and we enjoy very short, simple projects as well as very complex and in-depth projects. You can also email if you have more questions or if you are unsure about whether or not we would be interested in the topic.

Feature an artist or scene

We welcome articles on a wide range of subjects concerning miniatures, including profiles of spectacular artists, explanations of exquisite scenes or room boxes, and the stories of fantastic dollhouses. You will be expected to provide high-res photographs to accompany your article. If you have suggestions of an artist or piece of work to be featured but do not want to write it yourself, feel free to email us, and we can work with you to write it ourselves. For more general information on submitting, please see our Contributor Guidelines, and feel free to email with any questions or concerns.

Some logistics

All projects and articles must be your own work. If they're influenced or based on anything else, you must let us know in the submission.

Also, all projects and articles must be original. They must not have been, nor planned to be, published elsewhere. If this is not the case, please enclose full details with your submission.

Payment is based on a number of factors: complexity of project or article, how much in-house work is done by DHM, and number of pages within the magazine. Payment amount is determined by the editor. We do reserve the right to reject work at any stage if the content or quality is not as expected or if any work does not arrive by the agreed deadline.

All material submitted to the magazine is accepted on the basis that copyright will be vested in the Publisher (Ashdown Broadcasting) who assumes all rights worldwide, in all forms and media. This means that DHM owns the rights to the instructions and photographs that we publish. The work may be published in the magazine, our i-Mag, e-books, project CDs, and Dollshouse.TV. You continue to own the copyright for the design or technique and are free to teach and sell your work. Material is accepted solely on the basis that the author accepts the assessment of the Publisher as to its commercial value, and we reserve the right to edit as we see fit.

Pictures need to be a high resolution, large, sharp and clear.
If you are unsure about taking the photos you can send the item to us, making sure you include your full contact details and an SASE, and we will photograph them for you. They will be returned once the magazine has been published.

Contributor Guidlines